Bicchu-Takahashi Town Development Workshop (“Machiken”) is a company with the goal of reinvigorating the City of Takahashi through various activities, with the pillar of animation production at its core. We aim to create works of animation primarily targeted towards children and families all around the world.

Currently, the majority of animation studios in Japan are concentrated within Tokyo. Although Japanese animation is popular worldwide, many of the current productions contain scenes unsuitable for overseas audiences and are often either edited or not picked up for broadcast. In this climate, as a regional studio, Machiken can take advantage of not having to fit with the Tokyo industry trends and can exercise more freedom in terms of the type of content to be produced, not least because we have our sights set on overseas markets right from the planning stages, thus allowing us to assemble truly global projects.


Also, revitalization of the area is an important part of Machiken’s work. Aside from anime studio open visits for tourists and learning exchange programs with Kibi International University’s School of Animation Culture, we aim to create jobs in the field of animation, as well as provide a place for social interaction between locals and visitors through an “anime café” on the premises.  We are also working together with the city to promote Takahashi’s other major resources and tourist spots outside of the realm of animation, to the end of stimulating the region.


Through the joint involvement of the local government, the University, and Machiken, we have established an Industry-Academia partnership that aims to put Takahashi City back on the map.